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2 confirmed projects on the way!

Scooter over Kevin Gates, here's another artist who doesnt get tired

  Yung illi just dropped his 5 track EP "For The Time Being" December 12th and he released the visuals to "Foot On They Neck" on December 17th. Yung illi plans to drop visuals to unreleased singles. the EP and he's already working on the other confirmed projects. We only have the name to one of them, which is named "Motivation" The project should be set to release in June and the young artist is very hyped about this one. "FTTB" was only meant to be something illi gave  to his fans for some new content, but following the good responses and reactions to it, lead to the excitement about "Motivation". "Motivation" is going to be much deeper, more focused, and scheduled to be a full release, not an EP. He's working with PR companies, DJs, influencers, and many others to help this project to be a success. The other project is a joint project with an artist  that Yung illi doesn't plan to give that name up yet about, until the first single drops. It seems to be ready for release around May or June.   

Is the hype for "For The Time Being" worth it?

"For The Time Being" was originally meant to be promo for Yung ill's full length project "From Me 2 U" is FTTB good enough to be a stand alone project?

Listen to "For The Time Being"

Yung illi release "Foot On They Neck" Video

Yung illi Photoshoot

Branding is Key

Where'd all Yung illi's older music go?

This question sure gets asked a lot, along with why I don't have a lot more music out.  So, it's time to explain. Branding for an Artist, DJ, Clothing line, ect. is extremely important to the success of any business. I HAD to rebrand my self is the simplest answer I can give. Of course, there is more to it. All of the older music I made was not up to the standard I've set for myself starting in 2018. Some of you've been around since the "Proving Grounds" series I made, and even since the first tape I dropped "For My Haters". Although, I feel some of the songs and videos was great lyrically, the quality and production of the music wasn't to the professional standard I want to keep. I never will forget the humble beginnings, when I was recording in my car, and using a computer mic. It made me into the artist I am today. I want the fans to keep the bar high for me, so I can always keep improving, and giving you the quality and production you deserve!

Stay Tuned. You Will Be Drowned in Music!

Yung illi's Soundcloud

"For The Time Being" is Finally Here


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